We highly recommend staying updated with your balance by using the MyBalanceNow portal after you register on the same. To check your card balance you are required to sign in to the MyBalanceNow official portal. The portal allows you to check your account details, perform various transactions, and keep a track of your transaction history at regular intervals.


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Read the frequently asked questions (see below). It is very likely that you immediately receive the solution to your questions and problems.


MyBalanceNow Frequently Asked Questions

Is the customer support team at MyBalanceNow reliable?

Target is one of the largest retail chains in the States, and hence, the customer support team at MyBalanceNow is exceptionally efficient. You can get in touch with the team at a toll-free number using: 1-800-698-4952.

Is there an address by which I can communicate with the team via mail?

Yes, you can send in a post at the address: Customer Care, PO Box 826, Fortson GA 31808.

How do I contact MyBalanceNow customer support?

By phone: If you have any of these problems, kindly contact customer service at the number 1-800-698-4952

By mail: You can also send your request to the following address:

  • Customer service
  • Box 826
  • Fortson GA 31808

Do I really need to provide MyBalanceNow Social Security Number?

No, not at all. You don’t need to provide Social Security Number at any stage.